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Checkit Terms of Use

In these terms and conditions, Checkit is referred to as the operator of parking charges at Þingvellir. Checkit operates the website, which is an electronic payment platform for parking in Þingvellir. There are three companies behind Checkit, which are:

  1. Verkís kt: 611276-0289
  2. Raförninn kt: 610584-1019
  3. Stefna kt: 520903-2750

Checkit is responsible for the websites, the information that appears there and the information that Checkit's customers enter there in order to pay.

Users refer to parties, individuals and legal entities, who use Checkit's services by using the website

Users are responsible for familiarizing themselves with these terms before using the services covered by these terms. By starting a transaction through, users accept these terms and declare that they will abide by these terms in their transactions with Checkit and, as the case may be, any changes that may be made to them.

These terms and conditions apply to Checkit's services, in connection with the website, but Checkit owns and operates the website in connection with the collection of parking fees at Þingvellir.

All customer service is in customer service. The service center is open from 9-16 working days. It is pointed out that you can get all information about services, complete payment and get answers to frequently asked questions at

You can only pay for the service by card.

The user undertakes to abide by the terms and conditions that are set at any time, and more information can be found in the pricelist on the website

Authorization to collect parking fees is based on the rules of the Þingvellir Committee on visitor fees for designated parking spaces within the national park at Þingvellir.

The pricelist for the service at any time is published on the website and is part of these terms and conditions. Users can also get information about the pricelist in the customer service.

The user authorizes the charging of his payment card that he provides for payment for the services provided to him according to the provided pricelist at any time. If the payment card is not debited, Checkit reserves the right to collect the payment by other means.

User must provide vehicle number, payment card number and other necessary information to access the service.

In accordance with Article 2.para.6. Act no. 97/2010, the owner of the vehicle or the occupier, in the case of a hire purchase, is responsible for paying fees for the use of parking lots at Þingvellir.

The user is always fully responsible for damages due to incorrect use of the service. If the damage is caused by incorrect input or other causes, it is the responsibility of the user and Checkit is not responsible for damage due to this reason. The person who registers information on is responsible for its accuracy.

The user is not excluded from paying a fee for Checkit's service even if the service is not available for some reason, but he must use other payment options.

Checkit is entitled to block service to a user without notice, if Checkit has reason to believe that the user is abusing the service or has provided incorrect information during registration. The same applies if the user is in arrears or it turns out that it is not possible to charge the registered payment card for the requested service.

Checkit is not responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, that users suffer as a result of using Þingvellir that can be attributed to the actions and/or inaction of users, uncontrollable external circumstances and/or causes, natural disasters of any kind or other factors that Checkit has not affected by.

Users are responsible for any damage they may cause to Þingvellir and/or structures and equipment connected to them.

The user can report the termination of the service by sending an email to